A French Christmas for All

By: Andrea Bouchaud

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Paris this Christmas or just want to have a French styled Christmas, check out the following links from some of the best Paris bloggers in 2013 to help you have a true, French Christmas.

Joyeux Noel!
-Gift Shopping with the French
-Ultimate Guide to French Christmas Food Shopping
-Ulimate Guide to French Christmas Gift Shopping
-A Guy’s Guide to Christmas Shopping in Paris
-French Christmas Food
-How to Wish Merry Christmas in French
-Comme Une Française Guide on French Christmas Gifts

-Comme Une Française Guide to French Christmas Dinner phrases
Another fun idea that I didn’t have a link for: Make your own Buche de Noel (A traditional French Christmas ‘log cake’). Look up recipes online and for tutorial videos on Youtube if no local French bakery near you. I got this idea from Dr. Elizabeth New Seitz from Dallas’ own French Affaires ( newsletter.

Here’s what a Twenty in Paris Christmas looks like:

Twenty in Paris Christmas

Cdlt- Andrea


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