How to dress the part when studying abroad

(all photos courtesy of Andrea; Mireille is Andrea’s mannequin)

*** Top photo is a no- no; If you wear a large and in charge hat like this in Europe to go to the grocery store or class, you’ll just get curious looks instead of compliments***

Spending time abroad, you’ll find yourself going through a style evolution. You’ll start to incorporate some elements of the host country into your wardrobe. If you study abroad in Europe, you’ll see that scarves and hats are a popular clothing accessory for both men and women. It’s easy to see why they are. They can be functional (i.e. keep you warm when it’s cold) as well as fashionable (i.e. be perfect accessory to your outfit). But most importantly, dressing like the locals will help you to immerse into the study abroad experience by embracing the culture. Clothes are not merely a means to keep warm and protect the body; they also express the values, beliefs, and culture of a group of people (and that is not limited to nationality). Our physical presentation can tell people what kind of music we like, what religion we belong to, as well as what country we come from. A great way to immerse yourself into the culture before you leave to go study abroad is to start dressing like the people in the host country.

In this post, we’ll cover Europe as it is where I studied abroad as well as is a popular destination for many American students. Mireille le mannequin models for us some perfect examples of how to dress like a European.

How to dress like a European (slideshow)

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Andrea illustrates how not to dress like a European

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So what are you waiting for? Open the door to study abroad success by starting to dress like the locals.