The Many Places of Paris: Spring Break Edition

This post is dedicated to college students everywhere who are on spring break

Do you think that the only place to see Paris and the Eiffel Tower is in France? It’s not! This bronzed beauty can be found all over the world, sometimes even in your own back yard. For the spring breakers this year who didn’t get the awesome Twenty in Paris reader discount at WSA Europe (which is not too late btw)- to travel to Paris for spring break, you may not have to go far to get a little Paris wherever you are.

The many Eiffel Towers of the World range in height from 10ft (3 m) to its exact height of 1,102ft (336m); most serve as either decoration in a park or a communication tower on top of a building (photos courtesy of

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The United States may have a love-hate relationship from time to time with our French brethen but we sure do love Paris! Here is a list of all the American states that are proud to call Paris a part of their state.


 So if you find yourself in: Harbin, China; Minato Tokyp, Japan; Las Vegas, NV- USA; Nagoya, Japan; Ismaning, Bavaria- Germany; Berlin, Germany; Shenzhen, China; Hangzhou, China; Mason, Ohio; Doswell, Virgina; Lyon, France; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Prague, Czech Republic; Gomex Palacio Durango , Mexico; Slobozia, Romania; Praizh, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia; London, England- UK; Sydney, Australia; Fayetteville, North Carolina -USA; Copenhagen, Denmark; Varna, Bulgaria; Torrejon, Spain; Lake Buena Vista, FL- USA; Paris, Texas- USA; Paris, Tennessee- USA;  Messinia, Greece; Atlanta, Georgia; Brussels; Rajasthan, India; Brisbane, Australia; Montmartre Saskatchewan; Austin, Texas- USA; Uman, Ukraine; Paris, Michigan- USA; Baku, Azerbaijan- celebrate your spring break in Paris, no matter what part of the world you’re in

As always please fun and safe spring break. Check back next week for a pre-release giveaway of up-coming study abroad book The Paris Diaries: The Study Abroad Experience Uncensored with WSA.