How to Type French Accents on American Keyboard

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Do you study or speak French? If so, you’ve probably had to type something in French and have encountered the issue of the accents. How do you type them on an American or non-French keyboard? Do you always have to go to the Insert – symbol menu and choose from there? Do you always have to copy and paste the accents you need from a French website? The answer is no! There is a quick and easy way to type those French documents without slowing down your typing by using the ALT key.

Here’s a chart of the most commonly used French symbols


Lower case Upper Case
Accent grave (à) ALT + 133 ALT + 0192
Circumflex (â) ALT + 131 ALT + 0194
Cedilla (ç ) ALT + 135 ALT + 128
Accent Aigu (é) ALT + 130 ALT + 144
Accent Grave (è ) ALT + 138 ALT + 0200
Circumflex ( ê) ALT + 136 ALT + 0202
Circumflex (î ) ALT + 140 ALT + 0206
Circumflex ( ô ) ALT + 147 ALT + 0212
e dans l’o    (œ  ) ALT + 0156 ALT + 0140
Accent Grave (ù ) ALT + 151 ALT + 0217
Circumflex ( û ) ALT + 150 ALT + 0219
French accents  - left « ALT + 174
French accents – right » ALT + 175
Euro € ALT + 0128


Check out this great website with the ALT control cheat sheet for typing in French- also covers MACs. Have fun and type away!

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