Morgan’s Freshman Year in Paris: What now?

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What progress have I made in the past couple months to prepare for Paris?

When I ask myself that question, I wince. I do have to give myself credit for using my language101.com account a couple times a week. I can now successfully navigate my way around shopping centers, restaurants, talking about relationships, ask directions, along with a couple other handy phrases.

But in tangible progress… well… I bought a suitcase? Ooh, oh and a suitcase tag!


(photo by Morgan:How ugly is this suitcase?)

After I received an email from NYU saying that they would take care of all of the visa arrangements, I assumed that there wasn’t much left for me to do. The visa seemed like the most time-consuming and tedious task, and with that out of the way I certainly could relax more. However, there is a ton more to get done before I take off in August (including not giving up on these last couple months in high school…)

Every couple days I think of something else I need to purchase before the trip, but when I think about it I realize that buying all of this stuff in Paris would make moving over a million times easier!

My list so far includes:

French press, small iron, hair dryer, clothes drying rack, vacuum bags, adapters***, cleaning supplies, power strips***, small travel backpack, candles, laundry bag, stamps, reusable grocery bags, rain boots/coat, umbrella, expandable hangers, can opener, kitchen necessities, v neck t-shirts, ballerina flats, go-to lipstick and mascara…

***- apparently must haves

If some of those items seem odd, blame those youtube videos about “what to bring to college”. And yes, I’m that nerd that watches those videos (as it turns out, someone is yet to make “what to bring to college when studying abroad in Paris”, so if someone wants to make one of those, I would greatly appreciate it).


(photo by Morgan: Often what is pulled up on my computer)

I feel a little overwhelmed, and like I don’t have any sort of reference guide for what to do or bring next year. Neither of my parents studied abroad, and considering all of my friends are in high school, nor have any of them studied abroad. It also doesn’t help the NYU is being extremely vague in how registering for the classes is going to happen. I don’t even know what options I have for classes next year. I’m also not sure about where I will physically be living next year, as NYU is yet to email me anything regarding that matter.

Is it too soon to ask questions like these?

Maybe I’m just anxious after four non-responsive months of waiting.

I also have this foreboding fear that I will get an email from NYU apologizing and saying that there was some sort of mix up and I’ll either be in New York next year (which wouldn’t necessarily be terrible) or that I wasn’t supposed to be accepted at all (which would be utterly devastating).

Then again, I’m probably still so shocked about next year that I’m trying to rationalize it.

p.s. If anybody has pre-departure advice, I sure could use it.


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Morgan Liverman

Morgan is a high school senior in Nashville, Tennessee. She was accepted into NYU and will be studying abroad in Paris her first year of college starting in September 2014.

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