Twenty in Paris Approved Study Abroad Blogs

Bon weekend à tous. If this trend of awesome study abroad blogs continue (which I hope it does), I plan to make this a weekly feature! This week’s study abroad blogs that have earned the official Twenty in Paris seal of approval are:

 san diego

Blog name: De San Diego à Paris


Who: Laura Neuzeth

What: Laura is a California girl with a passion for French who studies abroad in the City of Light for an academic year. Her blog also includes video updates in addition to written posts where she talks about French university system, her own personal observations about French culture, a trip to Disney Euro and much, much more. Laura was in France in 2012 but the information she provides is still current.



Blog name: Octopus Traveling


Who: Vittoria

What: Vittoria is a Texan Christian University Journalism student who is also minoring in Italian. She is currently studying abroad in Genova, Italy. In addition to having my favorite animal as the title of her blog, she has candid posts on the differences between Italian and American culture and how being abroad makes her reflect on what she always viewed as normal. This blog is a great asset not only to students  interested in Italy but also in general study abroad. Ms. Vittoria’s observations are oh-so true, light and show you how studying abroad redefines your views on everything you thought you knew.




Blog name: The Local


Who: France Edition

What: I am always say that you should read the news of your host country in its native language (if applicable) before going abroad to familiarize yourself with the current culture. While I still stick to that philosophy, I know that right now is finals time and that everyone’s brain could use a break. So here is a blog that shares the news about multiple host countries (France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland) in English. And when I say news, it’s not dry politics- it’s fun, quirky fun stories. My favorite for this week from the France edition of The Local is What the French Find Weird About Americans. These posts really give you great insight into the host culture from natives and expats living abroad who have discovered many aspects about the host culture that you can prepare for in advance.



Blog name: Study Abroad Scout


Who: N/A

What: I came across this blog thanks to an article titled Unspoken Rules in Study Abroad. This blog has student bloggers in addition to the website masters who write about about studying abroad tips on every continent in addition to rating study abroad programs, providing information on numerous destinations and even giving info for scholarships.



Blog name: Students Gone Global


Who: N/A

What: Students Gone Global is a community blogging site where students from every (Anglophone) country who are studying abroad in almost every country share their story on practically every topic to being sick abroad and having to go to the doctor, not being able to find school supplies so easily abroad, traveling, sight seeing, classes, home life and much, much more. This is a very interactive site and one of my favorite aspects of the SGG community. It’s free to join and be a part of.



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