April showers bring Paris flowers

May is the best month in Paris. It’s when the city comes alive with fascinatingly fabulous flora; when strikes seem to stop; when Parisians are happily lounging outside on public lawns enjoying delicious picnics; when study abroad students are frantically running around the city trying to visit those last few sites they still haven’t yet seen and make as many long lasting memories as possible in the few short weeks before they leave to go home. It’s a beautiful time in Paris, the month that everyone all over the world waits for. Recently, I was at Gussie Park in Dallas whose beautiful, blooming flowers reminded me just a little of Paris. Since I didn’t take many pictures while I was in Paris (the only thing I regret from my time abroad), I partook in a little fantasy of pretending to be walking through a Paris garden. Sometimes you just have to indulge your imagination. All photos by Andrea .