Behind the scenes look at Study Abroad Packing Video



Not too long ago, Morgan asked for a study abroad packing video. You may have spent your Memorial Day honoring our fallen soldiers and eating a hamburger (I did those things too) but in between, I filmed the first part of a 4 part video series on packing your suitcase for studying abroad. The image above is a production shot of me editing – that’s me showing you what NOT to do when packing your suitcase. This should be up on this site and youtube by the end of the week. Here’s a sneak peek of things to come:

Part I: What to pack in your carry-on

Part II: What to pack in your checked bag

Part III: What to pack beauty /skin care product

Part IV: How to pack these items to maximize space in your suitcase

Do you have a study abroad question that you would like addressed in a video? Tweet it to me @twentyinparis with hashtag #tipvid (that stands for Twenty in Paris video).


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