An easier, faster way to type French – Product Review

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Earlier in the spring, we talked about how to type French accents for those mid-term French papers on a non-French keyboard using the ALT key + number system. Recently, I became informed about another way to type French accents which is easier and faster! It’s with a software called Easy Type French Accents created by a Canadian company of the same name. Looking to type an «e » with an accent aigu? (It looks like this é). What if instead of losing your train of thought mid-sentence as you struggle to remember which number sequence goes with the ALT key, all you had to do was press the «e» a few times to get your desired accent? With Easy Type French Accent that’s what it was. The software is easy to download and it’s compatible in any Word program, SM site or email to name a few places where you can use it.

After a few minutes of typing an email in French to my language exchange buddy, I couldn’t help but notice how much easier it was to type French accents without having to rack my brain for the right ALT Key + number sequence and how much faster I was able to type as a result. This truly is a tool that every student of French should own. Writing French papers no longer has to be an arduous task- ok the writing in French part is still there but now you can do all those accents at a record speed without slowing you down or losing your train of thought.

I’m normally not one to promote products, but this is too good and too useful to not tell you about. If you don’t have it already, please check out http://www.easytypefrenchaccents.com/ to download to your laptop/ tablet or wherever you type French accents the most now! The fall semester is fast approaching and you don’t want to write French papers the same slow way as before.

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