Unplug for a healthier, happier life and study abroad, too!

 (that’s what I’m talking about! Photo by: legacy.pitchengine.com)

We live in a super connected world. It seems like everyone of all ages is always on a device. The internet, texting, email, … are great tools but it’s really important to take a break from it once in while to just enjoy life. Studying abroad is one of those unique opportunities where you should unplug from your connected life to really experience the local culture. If you’re constantly connected to your device, how can you enjoy the sound of a French police car (it’s very different from American police), or the smell of fresh bread being put out as you walk down the street, or the sight of the sun coming up over the Louvre? The answer is you can’t! Paris and many other host cities have been around for close to a thousand years! I always like to imagine how visitors 600 years ago would visit the host city and I can tell you they didn’t have cell phones or iPads.

offline(photo by: www.scoopwhoop.com)

I’m not saying to not carry your phone with you, rather, just to put it on silent and enjoy the experience of studying abroad or really life. You’ll find yourself healthier and happier if you do. Have a great unplugged weekend and à lundi!


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