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Bonjour à tous,

Sorry I’ve been absente these past few days. I was super lucky to have had another 3 day weekend where I mixed business with fun in Austin, TX and I’m just getting back to the grindstone. There’s been a lot going on at Twenty in Paris- here’s what new:

  • GoAbroad.com and I teamed up for a 3rd time to help you decide if you should study abroad in the beautiful and world famous Paris or in sunny and college town friendly Aix-en-Provence. I hope to keep writing for them on a monthly basis – it’s been really fun!
  • During my trip to Austin, I had a fantastic business lunch with iE-USA- They’re a study abroad program which helps get high school students to study abroad at local public high schools in numerous countries. We’re working on something together but it’s a little early to spill the beans.
  • Did you know that by signing up for the Twenty in Paris newsletter you are entered in for a chance to win some awesome French design paper which is  perfect for framing, using as a desk liner, a window shade decoration or even a lamp shade pattern or any craft project!  It’s not too late but sign up sooner rather than later to make sure that you’re the lucky winner! To sign up, just enter in your email address in the  “Subscribe” box on the right had side bar.
  • Speaking of prizes… guest bloggers for Twenty in Paris have the chance to win an Amazon gift card if there post reaches 100 views in the month. Are you an introvert but interested in writing and joining a community of fellow Francophiles and wanderlusters? Come be a guest blogger! You’ll have a chance to win prizes, it looks good on a resume and it gets your voice out there. All bloggers between 9/1 – 9/30/14 have the chance to win so act fast- who knows, that Amazon gift card may just have your name on it!




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