What Not to do in Your Paris Study Abroad: Advice by French People for Foreign Students

It’s always best to get cultural insights from natives. How often do I say that here, honestly?! But, just in case you thought I was being silly I found this great YouTube video with 2 charming, college-aged French girls who give you the tips and advice you need about French culture. The video starts out in English but quickly goes into French for the remainder of the video. There are English subtitles. I must admit that I had trouble understanding these women, especially the one on the left. They spoke fast and would interrupt each other while speaking to elaborate more on the other one’s comments so it was hard to catch what they were saying. The main girl in the video, Emy, has blue hair which I was super shocked about as the punk look with crazy colored hair and skulls aren’t very French. Emy where were you when I was in Paris?! Now that my rant is over. Enjoy this super informative video on French culture as seen through the eyes of French people.



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