My Paris Dream Job

(photo by: listdose.com)

I have this book that I bought in Paris during my last few weeks there. It’s a book about every park, museum and sight to see in the City of Light from the most famous to the most obscure. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to see everything in this book. In doing research for the recent Halloween post, I had the opportunity to rediscover how amazing Paris is and all the unique things it truly has to offer. Reading it, I realized my dream job is to visit every sight in Paris and review it on the Twenty in Paris blog with photos and video coverage. After that, I’d love to do a segment on the 20 districts in Paris called something like Paris in 20 Different Ways in 20 Days. In this segment, I’d go over the highlights of each district in Paris (there’s a total of 20) and show you how to visit each district per day. This would also be covered on the Twenty in Paris blog with (photos, video coverage and reviews/recommendations.

 paris heart(photo by: wwwfrenchaffair.blogspot.com)

If you’re able to make my Paris dream job come true, please contact Andrea (that’s me), at twentyinparis@gmail.com. Other than fantasizing about my dream job, I’m getting ready for the ACTFL Convention in San Antonio on November 22nd . I’m also keeping busy with writing a 5th guest post for GoAbroad.com and coding the PDF An Introvert’s Guide to Talking Study Abroad With Their Parents to be an Amazon Kindle release by the end of this month.

Writing(photo by: www.dosavannah.com)