All Grown Up Now

At some point in life, we all have to grow up. For me, the last part to grow up was my dishes. I had a hodpodge of dishes that I’ve accumulated over the years based on my tastes. Skull plates for sandwiches and desserts, Paris plates for dinner, Paris bowls highlighting all the major sites of the city for my breakfast and Star Trek cups. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see when we need to take that plunge into the final stages of adulthood. Thankfully, our loved ones know and give us that much needed push. This Christmas, I got that push in the form of new dishes. It’s really nice to look in my cupboard and see nice, new, matching dishes staring back at me instead of the eclectic collection I had before. So it’s out with the old and in with the new. Goodbye to the last remnants of 20 year old Andrea who loved skulls and Paris themed dishes and hello to the new grown up me.

(Here’s the new dishes)

new bowls

(I’m really gonna miss these)

skull plates 2

(I always knew I was getting to the end of my breakfast when I could see la tour Eiffel peeking through)

paris bowl  1 paris bowl 2(We shared many great meals together)

paris plates 2

(These are staying though. You didn’t really think I was all grown up now, did you?  :p)

fart cups 2


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