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4 Ways to Prepare for Study Abroad Cultural and Linguistic Immersion

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There are a lot of steps you have to take to get ready for your up-coming study abroad. You need to register with a program, get a student visa, work with your student loan companies to cover your tuition, and prepare for cultural and linguistic immersion. However, many American students aren’t doing the last part and not every program is guiding students on how to do this. From someone who did no preparation for the experience aspect of studying abroad, I can tell you that this can come back to bite you in the derrière. You spend all this time choosing the right program and preparing all your paperwork for the visa, why not spend just as much time preparing for cultural and linguistic immersion? Cultural and linguistic immersion are the very essence of the study abroad experience. Without it, you’re probably having a vacation with books and you could’ve done that for a lot cheaper than paying for a study abroad. Just like finding a program and preparing to get your student visa, the prep work for cultural and linguistic immersion takes time. Six months to be exact; at least, that’s my recommended time frame.

This video is what I call a note worthy video. Meaning you should be taking notes while you’re watching it. The Twenty in Paris team watched it and told me that it’s too long. “Students like to receive information in short, fun bursts”, they told me. They might be right on that but I couldn’t help but be perturbed by this observation. My rationale is that if you can’t take 9 minutes to watch a video on cultural and linguistic immersion tips, how can you ever have the patience to do the daily work needed before and once your abroad? Studying abroad isn’t a walk in Champs de Mars, so neither will be its preparation. But your preparation perseverance will pay off in the long run.


Bonne chance!

- Andrea


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