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I’m sorry that I’ve been away for a while. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes at the Twenty in Paris headquarters that have been keeping me away from posting (lame excuse, I know, but a true one). Anyhoo, in between house shopping (again), brainstorming the future of Twenty in Paris, and working on some awesome collabs (that’s short for collaborations), I’ve been playing with an app…and really loving it. I’m new to the iPhone or any smart phone for that matter. In the year that I’ve had a smart phone, I have never played with one app. Not one! And I had no intentions to play with any, until I stumbled across something called Smarter Paris when randomly perusing my phone’s app store. With a name like that I was intrigued. I downloaded it and within a matter of minutes, I was hooked! What’s nice is this app works offline and it breaks down everything you ever wanted to know about Paris – history and highlights of everything to see and do in Paris, a map of restaurants complete with pricing and review, tips of French culture and emergency info, a French- English dictionary, and a cheat sheet of common things to say in French.

 (With a motto like that, you can’t go wrong!)SP1

I even learned a thing or two about Paris that I didn’t previously know! I also found myself using it to start planning my next trip to Paris. You know how I’m always encouraging you to find out more about French culture from a native French person? This app is created by native Parisians so you can learn and discover Paris before you go abroad from actual French people as well as an Anglophone expat who’s been living in Paris for some time. The best of both worlds. So I’m off to go back to planning my next Paris excursion and learning a little bit more about the amazing City of Light. So what are you waiting for? Become Smarter about Paris today!

(Love all these super fun yet practical blurbs!)



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