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Midnight in Paris

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For as long as I can remember, I have talked about visiting Paris. I actually surprised myself by venturing to other European cities first.

I had an indescribable love for this place I had never been to, inspiring the choice to take French in high school. I was going to be fluent in the language and go to Paris – that was the plan. But I have learned many a time, things do not always go as planned. And although it was a little later than I had originally planned, I made it.

I was surprisingly comfortable making my way around. The metro system is not complicated, leaving my directionally challenged self extremely satisfied each time we reached a new destination without much trouble. It was also nice to catch a break from walking everywhere in a hurry while still having a chance to see what we wanted to.

As the brisk Parisian air swirled around me, I strolled up to the Eiffel Tower. It was so much more massive than I had expected and lit up ever so perfectly. After only seeing photographs for so long, this glowing piece of history was finally in my presence. I peered through my lens, hoping to capture it all so I would never forget this feeling. I am not one to get emotional in such circumstances, but I found myself tearing up at the sheer sight of this golden, sparkling masterpiece. My green eyes attempted to focus through the saltiness, not wanting to miss a minute of its unique beauty. The combination of the darkness and the twinkling lights was one of my most magical moments.

I am a lover of the touristy things in life, so I also visited the Love Lock Bridges (yes, apparently there are two). Although I currently do not have the name of someone special to write next to mine, I chose to participate anyway. I am also a lover of the cheesy things in life, obviously. My love lock reads – “Love is worth the wait”. And once I do find that deserving someone, I am going to give him one of the keys.

Paris- jm

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The City of Love lives up to its name with the charming streets and picturesque views around every corner. Everything in Paris is simply more lavish and elegant than anywhere else I have been, making me feel a little extra romantic than usual.

Although I cannot form sentences in the language, I recognized a fair amount of words on buildings, menus, and overheard in conversations – more than I thought I would have. One of my roommates and I were out to dinner and I kindly asked the waiter for cheese. He acted as if he understood, walked away from our table, and held up Tabasco sauce. I shook my head in disapproval, but then it came to me. Fromage.

I guess French class paid off after all.


Jordan Murphy

Jordan is a student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy. She is a Communication Studies major with a minor in Journalism. Jordan is passionate about writing, traveling, photography, and a lover of social media. She hopes all the thinking she does will take her places one day.

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