Study Abroad- Discover the World and a New Home

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As the Twenty in Paris newsletter is currently on hiatus, I’m bringing the “Ask a Pro” section to you here on the Twenty in Paris blog. I sat down with study abroad extraordinaire, Elsa Thomasma, from to learn more about studying abroad. Here’s what she had to say:

I wish someone would have told me that anyone can study abroad, literally anyone, majoring in any subject, with any amount of experience. And also, that there are programs of varying lengths all over the world, and even scholarships to help you pay for it! If I would have known it was possible to take my general education courses in another country, I would have jumped at the chance (and you should too).

Luckily, I did find out in time and I was able to take advantage of my own opportunity to go abroad. At the end of my third year of university, I talked to my academic advisor about my desire to complete my practicum degree requirement abroad and he suggested I contact my study abroad office to see if it would be possible. I did so immediately and the answer was yes!

During my final year of university, my study abroad office helped me spend an entire semester interning and volunteering with a non governmental organization in the Philippines, while earning academic credit! Did I mention I was a full time student that whole semester AND I graduated in 4 years? Not long after graduation I returned to the Philippines as a full time intern with the same organization and shortly after I got a job at a local company; I’ve been living and working in the Philippines ever since.

Studying abroad is not a one time opportunity to earn academic credit, it is an opportunity for you to shape your future, your career, and your life. The best part is, study abroad is possible for anyone; just start looking through programs and you will find one that is perfect for you. Start your search with


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