About Twenty in Paris

As more and more students are studying abroad, the need to have reliable and knowledgeable resources to assist study abroad offices in preparing students for this amazing experience increases. Here at Twenty in Paris, I understand your need as program coordinators to have that someone to whom you can refer your students for their questions on how to fit in with the Parisians/ French culture, how to better their French language skills, what to expect of the French university experience and general life abroad.

Recent surveys conducted at Suffolk University and online for the Twenty in Paris brand by a third party showed that 57% of students felt they were not prepared for their study abroad and wanted to know more information about the French college experience, adjustment to life abroad, and cultural immersion process before going abroad. That’s where Twenty in Paris comes in.

What is Twenty in Paris?

The ultimate Paris study abroad resource for students and universities.

What it’s not

Twenty in Paris is not a study abroad program nor does it review or recommend study abroad programs.

Why Twenty in Paris?

Twenty in Paris is the #1 Google Ranked Paris study abroad site for a reason- because students and universities trust it! The Twenty in Paris website is a place where students can read about the study abroad experience from other students to answer their study abroad questions and concerns. It’s a unique site that provides a voice for students to share and read about the Paris / France study abroad story to know that they are not alone in the wonderful roller coaster experience of studying abroad to help them maximize their study abroad success.

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  1. Hi there, are you still in Paris? I host a radio show about the experience of studying abroad in Paris and I was wondering if you would be interested to come in for an interview. I’ve left you my e-mail address in case youy want to discuss further

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