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Morgan’s Freshman Year in Paris: You’ve Been Accepted!

In a sense, I did not choose Paris, rather Paris chose me. Well, that’s what I like to believe considering it was not thoroughly planned out (and when things happen in my life that aren’t entirely planned out I assume that they are acts of fate).

First, let me say that I speak maybe 5 whole sentences in French, (those of which include ‘more bread please’ and ‘one glass of wine’) but I’d always felt a connection to the French culture. In fact, this past fall I hosted a French exchange student in hopes of picking up some of the French language. By the end of the month, I didn’t learn any French, but I did end up with an amazing friend and a place to call home at her house in Caen.

While Fleur, the exchange student, was in town, I began working on my application to my first choice school: New York University. While filling out my application I came across a question that was worded somewhere along the lines of ‘Would you like to be considered for the Liberal Core Global Learning Program?’ On a whim, I selected yes. As a result of selecting yes, a subsequent question popped up ‘And if you are to be selected, at which global NYU campus would you like to study?’ My choices were London, Florence, Paris, or New York City. I chuckled as I selected Paris. My rationale was ‘not in a million years would I actually be accepted into this program because who really gets to do stuff like this anyway, so why not choose something totally ridiculous?’

For the following couple of weeks as I waited for my NYU letter, I didn’t think once of that seemingly insignificant box I selected. That is, until I got my acceptance letter. On the night of December 13th, I received my acceptance email from NYU. All I needed to see was the ‘Congratulations!’ I didn’t think to read any further. When my mom sat down to read the email out loud in its entirety, she stopped when she approached the second paragraph. “What?” my dad and I said in unison. “‘We expect that you will be spending your freshman year at NYU’s Paris campus’” she read.

It’s shocking how drastically a person’s life can change in a matter of moments. I had never before dreamed of spending my first year at college in Paris. I am still dumbfounded today at the thought of one day (and very soon!) living in Paris. Since receiving that email, I’ve slowly been adjusting to the idea of and dreaming ferociously of my new life in Paris. I’ve been trying to add all the Parisian essentials to my wardrobe while preparing my long-term boyfriend for the inevitable separation. I’ve told my French exchange student, grandparents, teachers, and friends about the news. Every time someone finds out about my college plans they say, “Wow, Paris! Congratulations!” I can’t help but laugh at the fact that one extra click changed life as I know it.

(photo is screenshot of Morgan’s acceptance email- Congrats !)



Morgan Liverman

Morgan is a high school senior in Nashville, Tennessee. She was accepted into NYU and will be studying abroad in Paris her first year of college starting in September 2014.