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For a limited time, bab.la is hosting their annual Top 100 Language Lovers voting for learning blogs, professional blogs, facebook pages, twitterers, and youtube channels. So you can head over here: http://en.bab.la/news/top-100-language-learning-blogs-2014-voting until June 9th for voting.

But this annual contest is not only an opportunity to support any language sites you know that made the cut, but a way to discover more sites that you haven’t previously heard of! There are some amazing writers out there, not only for foreign languages but also in regards to grammar, language evolution, etc. And as there are both individual professional blogs and dictionary blogs that host professional writers, these connections are definitely worth your time.


I myself follow both foreign language blogs, like the incomparable Benny’s Fluent in 3 Months, and English language blogs like Stan Carey’s Sentence First. And there are quite a few great professional twitterers that I love keeping up with as well. But even though my French is progressing nicely, the learning never ends, and so I plan on checking out more sites that address my needs. And this is, of course, a great motivational tool if you have a desire to start a language blog yourself and could one day make the list.
Don’t wait until it’s too late- check it out and vote now!



Chelsea Fairless

Chelsea is a home-bred Texan currently living in Geneva, Switzerland and studying French at the University of Geneva, while living and working with a family as a part-time nanny. She has been living in the Geneva area since August 2012. You can follow more of her story on her blog http://parolepassport.blogspot.com/ and other social media sites.