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D-Day and Other Things

(It’s a little late but here is a picture of when I visited Normandy D-Day beaches in France- please do not forget our brave soldiers)

Bonjour  mes amis,

Ce matin j’ai fait une grasse matinée. This means that I slept in. I haven’t slept in until almost midi (noon) in years. SPOILER ALERT- I went to the movies last night and saw Edge of Tomorrow, which is why my old lady butt wasn’t waking up this am. The parallels this movie made to both WWI and WWII (especially the latter) were uncanny, save for the aliens. Within the first 20 minutes of the film, the forces of good (Allied troops) were going to catch the enemy off-guard by landing on the beaches of Normandy for an invasion style attack. The parallels were almost a little too much to bear for me as it was the 70th anniversary of D-Day yesterday. D-Day is interesting for me because Americans do not really acknowledge that day here save for the American President going to France every year and giving a speech. But it’s a HUGE deal in France. The French are extremely grateful for the Allies /American forces that sacrificed their lives that terrifying morning to change the course of history for the better, especially the older generation who was alive then or grew up in post WWII France. Please take out a little time in your day to give thanks to the brave men who gave their lives and fought to secure the life we have here today. Andrea’s rating on Edge of Tomorrow – A.

Anyhoo, I have a lot to catch up on to make the most of my already short weekend, so let’s take a look at what’s new in the Twenty in Paris world:

  •  Working on joint post about budgets and using credit cards during your study abroad stay with Credit Card Insiders (to be featured here)Credit cards close up...BBPKF6 Credit cards close up(photo by: creditlovers.com)


  • Brainstorming ideas for my next post on GoAbroad.com; Do you have a Paris or France question? Tweet it to me @twentyinparis with hashtag #PSAQ (which stands for Paris Study Abroad Question) for a chance to have it answered in my next guest post on GoAbroad
  • I haven’t forgotten about the first segment in the 4 part “How to pack for Studying abroad” video segment. I’m just finishing the last few touches


  • Is there something you would like to see featured on the Twenty in Paris website or YouTube channel? Tweet it to me @twentyinparis
  • Andrea’s goals: I want to create more serious memes about studying abroad; I need to finish my Australia trip scrapbook; I want to learn how to sew and make 1950s circle skirts; I want to write an awesome piece of fiction that’s not related to Paris or study abroad1950s-Rockabilly-Circle-Skirt-Poodle-Skirt-with-Should-Straps-Misses-Vintage-Sewing-Pattern-650x1024(photo by: www.oldfashionedsusie.com)

Sneak Peek at Up-coming Posts

Bonjour mes amis,

I’m sorry I didn’t have a post for you hier. I went to a crazy French flechettes soirée Thursday night and I didn’t get home until real late which means that my old lady butt was not waking up at 5am as usual on Friday morning. But just in case you were wondering, if we ever cross paths at Sherlocks Pub in Addison, TX, I am a mean dart player so be prepared to bring your best game  :)

280px-Darts_in_a_dartboard(Fléchettes dans une cible (darts on a target / dart board) by fr.wikipedia.org)

Besides honing my French and dart skills, I am also working on 2 new posts to be featured real soon. Here’s a sneak peek:

Number-One-star-trek-women-8427144-750-600(photo by: www.fanpop.com. Because Nurse Chapel was a better Number One in 1 episode than Commander Riker was in 7 seasons)

10 ways studying abroad prepares you for real life

Studying abroad is not just a one-time thing you did in college. It’s an experience that will impact your entire life- personal and professional. We’ll discuss what those things are and how they’ll make their impact. Stay tuned to find out.


21300641(photo by: hellaoccupyoakland.org)

Selling Reality: Why do people like to buy the idea of dreams?

As a culture, Americans love to buy the idea of dreams. But should study abroad ever be marketed the same way as Hollywood movies? I don’t think so. There is a difference between reality and fantasy and we’ll delve into our fascination with fantasy and how there is a growing trend for to buy reality, especially with the study abroad experience. Check back to find out more in this post.

What’s trending on Twenty in Paris?

SE terms

These are the most unique and diverse search teams that I have ever seen. Let’s give a woohoo to the introverts who want to study abroad!

Don’t forget! The Twenty in Paris  “How to pack for studying abroad” video series is going to début very soon. I’ll also be having some familiar faces come back with guest posts. So lots is going on and if you didn’t check them out already, here’s 2 guests posts I did recently on The Study Abroad Guru and GoAbroad.com. For the GoAbroad site (image below) the post is the column on the right with the red building titled “How to Study Abroad in Paris.”
guest post
Bon weekend – Andrea