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3 Ways You Never Considered Going Abroad (But should!)

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Andrea’s note: On July 9th, Meaghan put her study abroad advisor hat on and shared with us the Ins and Outs of Choosing a Study Abroad Program. What you might not have known is that studying isn’t the only way you can go abroad during college. Check out these 3 ways you never considered going abroad but totally should- by Meaghan Murphy.

Internships Abroad – Working overseas for a short period of time with the goal being hands on work experience, training, and networking rather than making a salary. By interning abroad, you can test out a new interest or determine whether a certain profession is the best career choice for you

Teach Abroad – You spend a chunk of time overseas working with the local population and teaching them about your own culture and language. The countries vary as does the age of the population you work with, what’s included within your program and what type of salary you would get from teaching overseas

Volunteer Abroad – Basically what it says – you’re spending some time abroad volunteering with local projects. Often you pay a provider to connect you with a local group and you fly over and work with that particular group on a project. Countries, projects, prices, and time commitment vary by provider or organization

Miss America Building

(Volunteering abroad is a great opportunity. Photo by: www.examiner.com)

Now for my suggestions:

There are a ton of resources available to you. My first suggestion is to sit down and ask yourself exactly what you want out of a program; here are a few ideas of which questions to consider:

  • How long do you want to be away? (A few weeks, few months, as long as possible?)
  • Which part of the world do you want to be in? (Close to the USA? Somewhere that doesn’t speak English? A traditional hot spot like the UK or Spain or Italy?)
  • Do you want to take classes with other Americans or with local students?
  • What do you want included in the program – housing, field trips, meals?


Next, speak with someone who can help you narrow down your options.

Academic Advising

(Talking to your advisor is a great start! Photo by: www.collegemagazine.com)

  • The majority of colleges and universities in the US will have someone who can advise on study abroad options.
  • Visit your study abroad or stop by the study abroad fair and speak with any of the numerous representatives.
  • If that doesn’t work, there are a couple of websites that can help narrow down the options. Those sites are goabroad.com, ratemystudyabroad.com, Abroad101.com.
  • Speak with your friends and classmates – odds are at least one of them has studied abroad and they can help point you in the right direction
  • Ask your faculty advisors if they have any recommendations on programs to fit your major or your interests

It’s never too early to start planning, so start thinking about it now and start looking at the options available to you!


Meaghan Murphy

Meaghan found her passion for travel after a high school trip to Italy and Greece; since then she’s studied abroad in New Zealand for a semester, has worked abroad in Scotland for 3 months, and has visited Australia, England, and Canada. After graduating from Wheaton College in Massachusetts, Meaghan completed her Master’s Degree in International education from SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, VT. She currently works at University of Hartford in the International Programs Office and really enjoys speaking with students interested in traveling abroad.