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Is Technology a Study Abroad Student’s Friend or Foe?

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Every American student under 30 can tell you that technology is the key to social interaction and information. In the United States, email and websites are the norm when it comes to intra-collegiate information exchange and communication. So it’s no surprise that studying abroad has hopped on the technology band wagon, too. On November 3rd, I participated in a lively and engaging twitter chat #ISACHAT about the pros of technology in a study abroad. We were able to come up with many ways technology has enriched studying abroad for the better such as:

  • Ease and speed of finding out information
  • Cost effective for communicating with family
  • Connects students with other students, resources and program advisers much faster
  • Helps students discover hobbies like writing and photography and allows them to share these hobbies with the world


With pros like that, how can there be any cons? In a recent article/interview by Vermont Public Radio Educators Worry Technology Hampers Study Abroad Experience, multiple educators speak their minds on the negative effects technology has had on the study abroad experience. Some of the disadvantages they’ve observed first hand are:


  • Deepens homesickness
  • Makes students more anxious while waiting for an immediate response back from loved ones via email or text
  • Lessens communication between students and others as can simply text instead of talking on phone or sometimes in person
  • Distracts students from the experience part of a study abroad as too busy with social media/ taking pictures to really immerse into the host culture
  • As spending so much time on social media/ connecting with family, students aren’t able to really improve their foreign language skills as the majority of their interactions are in their native tongue
  • Because of ease and speed with which students can connect with their parents, students are missing out on the growing up aspect as they’re calling their parents for assistance instead of figuring it out on their own


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When we compare the 2 lists, it looks as though there are more cons to technology and its impact on a study abroad than advantages. This can be the case if you don’t consciously unplug on a weekly if not daily basis at home and while abroad. It’s great to be connected but it’s important to be alone and to be with others sans devices. Our generation has completely adopted technology and social media to the extent that it overruns our lives instead of adding to it. Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity- don’t waste it behind a screen. Go and experience the new culture, the new language and leave that phone/ laptop behind more often to avoid a technologically driven study abroad.


Sneak Peek at Up-coming Posts

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Besides honing my French and dart skills, I am also working on 2 new posts to be featured real soon. Here’s a sneak peek:

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Studying abroad is not just a one-time thing you did in college. It’s an experience that will impact your entire life- personal and professional. We’ll discuss what those things are and how they’ll make their impact. Stay tuned to find out.


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What’s trending on Twenty in Paris?

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These are the most unique and diverse search teams that I have ever seen. Let’s give a woohoo to the introverts who want to study abroad!

Don’t forget! The Twenty in Paris  “How to pack for studying abroad” video series is going to début very soon. I’ll also be having some familiar faces come back with guest posts. So lots is going on and if you didn’t check them out already, here’s 2 guests posts I did recently on The Study Abroad Guru and GoAbroad.com. For the GoAbroad site (image below) the post is the column on the right with the red building titled “How to Study Abroad in Paris.”
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