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Twenty in Paris Approved Study Abroad Blogs

I have come across some great student study abroad blogs these past few weeks that are honest, funny, and show the whole study abroad picture; not just the dream parts. These blogs are great resources for students who are looking to live or study abroad. I am happy to give the official Twenty in Paris seal of approval. Enjoy!


Blog name: Parole Passport

URL: http://parolepassport.blogspot.com/

Who: Chelsea Fairless

What: Chelsea Fairless is an American student who first was an au pair in France, then  Switzerland and is now studying at a university in Geneva. Her detailed accounts of au pair family life shed an important light on the difficulties that can arise when living with a native family due to generation gap, cultural difference and language barrier. She shows the au pair experience like never before as well as the good life in Geneva. I am also happy to say that she is a weekly blogger on the Twenty in Paris website.


Blog: Tammy Does Paris

URL: http://tammydoesparis.wordpress.com/posts/

Who: Tammy Olobo

What: Tammy Olobo is a black British student who is currently studying in Paris at the Sorbonne. She beautifully details the roller coaster ride it has been for her to immerse into French culture as an Anglophone as well as be accepted as she does not fit the definition of French due to her beautiful dark skin and the difficulties she has encountered in internships due to this. Refreshing, witty and relatable, this blog is a must read for any student interested in going to France, especially students who are non-Caucasian.




Blog: The Second Page

URL: http://www.eleanorharte.com/

Who: Eleanor Harte

What: Eleanor Harte is an American student studying abroad in Paris at the Sorbonne. She should look familiar- she has guest posted for Twenty in Paris. Eleanor shares her story on moving in with a host family, getting used to Paris and speaking French full time. A delightful read for any student interested in studying abroad.




Blog: Discover Spain

URL: http://discoverspain.tumblr.com/

Who: Filipina

What: Filipina is an American student from the Philippines who is studying abroad in Spain. I came across the post in the website photo above and knew that I had to feature this blog. This blog is a great read for any student interested in Spain and general study abroad.


I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do. They really open the door on the study abroad experience and how non-linear it is.

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